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Launching a joint ad platform with 28 prominent media companies that have 150 media brands

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BI.Garage provides businesses with a focus on 4 core concepts that are essential to corporate marketing activities: content media, social media, data science, and technology.
We strive to be the strongest business partner for companies. Our initiatives includes: launch of a joint ad platform with prominent Japanese media companies, our social media management expertise cultivated since the dawn of the Internet era in the 2000s, the large collection of data from Digital Garage Group, and solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies for the post-cookie era.

SNS Service

Support for
Social Media Use

Twitter, Facebook, LINE, Instagram, YouTube, and other types of social media have become essential marketing tools for companies and local governments. BI.Garage utilizes our ample experience and knowledge to offer optimum support options in line with customer resources. Our support includes technical assistance required for using social media, as well as proposals utilizing the latest marketing methods.

  • Account Setup Assistance
  • Account Operations Support

Account Setup Assistance

We provide assistance to choose optimum media from among the numerous social media,
and create an initial design for your social media usage policy.
We offer one-stop services that allow you to start managing your accounts, including designing optimum methods based on
operational resources of corporates and local governments, social media manager training for safe operations, and KPI setting.

Creation of Operational Rules and Manuals

We create customized operational rules and manuals for each client, including the formulation of operational rules correspond with each media policy, explanations of the various settings and how to use them, and case-specific responses. These can be used for handover and training when the person in charge is changed, allowing for standardization of operations to realize smooth social media management.

Account Creation

We create social media accounts and perform and set up various settings in accordance with the client’s operational policies. We also create the necessary contents for accounts and pages.


Training is available for social media managers on operation procedures and management methods for various media and devices.

Account Operations Support

We verify and evaluate actions and effects after you begin managing your social media accounts, and convey the most effective methods based on the latest examples and client resources through reports and meetings.
In this way, we provide assistance for effective, efficient social media management.

Provision of “Tweetmanager,” An Account Management Tool

We offer an original Twitter management tool that has been introduced at many companies and local governments. This tool makes it possible to easily measure operational effectiveness and reduces the burden involved in using Twitter. In addition to regular operation, it significantly reduces the workload involved in Twitter campaigns or short-term management.

Evaluation and Reporting

We provide reports on specified numerical values for each type of media. We share information that is useful for future operation, including analyzing factors that inspire positive responses, suitable influencers, and more.

Holding Regular Meetings

Based on evaluation and reporting, we report evaluations of your social media management, share the latest case studies, and suggest measures for improvement. In this way, we provide evaluations and proposals from an objective perspective.

Social Media Management Consultations

We take questions, including regarding social media functions and how to respond to users, by telephone or email.

Posting Assistance

We offer one-stop services for producing effective social media posts, including planning, drafting of the manuscript, interview and filming. We can create feasible plans and propose effective posts from an objective perspective in line with client resources.