Launching a joint ad platform
with 28 prominent media companies
that have 150 media brands


This consortium consists of prominent Japanese media companies. With the aim of jointly exploring the value of content and advertising, it carries out businesses that can only be executed by a group of premium media companies. These include user loyalty (including media company reliability), brand safety evaluations for advertisers, ad effect verification (including synergistic effects with content regarding ad viewability), data utilization focused on user-oriented content in the post-cookie era. Based on these, it aims to expand business to provide original premium content, including a joint ad platform for high-value online advertising.


  • advertising


    A premium ad platform, jointly operated with prominent media companies.

  • brandsafety


    A unique structure and activities through ad verification measures and confirmation projects with media companies.

  • valueofmedia

    Media and ad value

    Verifying media and ad value, including regular panel surveys and joint ad development with media companies.

  • technology


    Collaborating with overseas media groups to provide the latest technologies with an eye to the post-cookie era.